Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I need a vacation...a stiff drink...and a valeum.

I always told people that I didnt believe in the terrible 2s. I figured people let their imaginations run rampent, that they believed their kids were acting worse then they really were.

Oh god, how wrong was I? (Rehtorical question if you hadn't figured it out)

I had this happy wonderful baby girl, and angel among angels, sweet, smiling, loveable.

Now I have "Crab-ella." Demanding, grouchy, loud, whiny, crying (more then what was normal before) and frustrating.

She has the emotional state of a pubesent teen and is just as demanding. "Gimmy!" is what I hear the most. Although we are working on please, thank you and excuse me. Unfortunatly I have no one to blame but myself. She gets it from me, granted the stubborness is all her dads fault. Possibly she is getting to me more now because we are always with eachother. Last week was nasty cause she had a teething fever, and we didnt get out of the house much. This week is lible to be as bad cause the indoor part we normall go to is close, so I have to make alternate activity arrangements.

We'll make it through this but ohhh.....ohhhhh How i need a vacation, a stiff drink and a valum.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In the yard.....

Since we installed our fence last year we have decided to get eye deep in improving the look of our front yard. My husband has succcessfully killed off the grass and 90% successfully killed off the moss, cut down a tree, and have added flowerbeds that surround the entire yard. Today I spent time outside digging in these new flowerbeds, while my 2 year old spent time digging in her sandbox, and my dogs vaccumed up loose birdseed from under the feeder on the stump of the now cut down tree. We removed a planter that was up against the house, and in doing so dug up all my iris rhizomes. Once I divided all of these i had approximatly 300. Can you believe it? 300!! And I have replanted all of them. And I still have more flowerbeds to fill in. I have a TON of work left to do, but I feel so accomplished!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Its amazing where a person can find inspiration. I look at my daughter and I find it, or maybe a freshly bloomed flower. It doesn't matter where you find it so long as you use that inspiration in some way, whether it is in your life or in the way you treat others or maybe in your creative life. It doesn't matter so long at that there is something that gives you inspiration.