Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Easy wall decore!

I wonder if stores realize its only the middle of July. I doubt it; and I don't think they care because they have already started to put BACK TO SCHOOL items out. I mean what parent doesn't look forward to their kid going back to school? But goodness golly, lets have some summer vacation first! After my eyeballs rolled themselves back into my head (upon seeing the plethora of school supply items they popped out) I took a stroll down the isles. School supplies haven't changed that much since I was a kid. I mean yes, we have USB drives now instead of the 3.5 inch floppy disc, or go back further the 5.5 inch floppies (or were they 8inches?) (Pretty sure I still have some 3.5" squirreled away with lord knows what on them!) and blue tooth headphones are more popular then the actual corded ones. So yeh, some changes here and there. So the type of supplies have been fairly consistent through the years but holy crapatola! The variety of those items has gone through the roof! I mean I remember plain folders or "peechee" folders. Single color backpack that you dressed up with patches you made or bought at the fabric store. There wasn't a ton of variety in that respect; now its a whole different jungle! I spied the folders (I have a weird obsession with office supplies. Don't judge.) and I picked out some that I though my daughter would like, and if she didn't well I could use them for my own needs. Here's where the genius, and cheap: like $2.50 cheap, idea comes in. Wall Décor! I know sounds like I've done lost my marbles, but I promise I haven't. It was quick, easy and best of all inexpensive! Cant get better then that right!? ive been doing a lot of positive affirmations and quotes, as decorative art in my daughters room, and the folders I found were perfect for this! So here is a brief toutorial of what I did and what I got! And this can be applied to any age! Nursery décor or even for teens!

Here is what you need:
* 8x10 frames (the dollar store has a decent selection of frames and that's where these came from.)
* Folders with sayings or graphics that you like. These I got for $0.99 each!
* Scissors
* Pen
* Command hooks (I had some laying around in the junk drawer, but you can find them at pretty much anyplace these days) You can also use a tack if that's what you have on hand.

So I did this project with the first and last folder shown. The two center ones; the images were bigger then the frames. Saved those for my own stuff.

Take apart your frame.

Place the glass on the folder and decide how you want it to look.

Then trace the shape of the glass onto the folder. 

Put the glass back in the frame.

Cut out your shape.

Pop the cut out into the frame and reassemble.

Ta-Da! Wall art!

Here it is hung up in my daughter room!

Total cost for each was roughly $2.50. 
Room décor on a budget. I like it!