Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Necklace Pendants and Inchies

I have been having allot of fun making tile necklace pendants and the images that I use in them. I have been editing my own photographic images to fit in these little squares and also building some from the ground up. They have turned out super cute.

 This is a family favorite quote.
And it is oh so true!

This is one of my own photographs edited down to fit the pendant size I am using.

I have also been looking for inspirational quotes. Quotes that speak to people. This is one of the ones that I liked the best and it is so true. Growth is optional.
A friend from High School started her own business with her husband rebuilding classic cars. She is a wonderful artist as well and she drew this image for her business to have t-shirts made with it. The original image didn't have any color (or the words Springfield Oregon) so I worked it in my editing program then made her and her husband each a necklace pendant to help promote their wonderful business. They turned out better then I could have hoped!
Come over to my Facebook page to check out all the different pendants I have available. If you see one you like but not in the color you were hoping for, just let me know. Color options are available, you just have to ask.