Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reviews and Giveaways

There is a woman who has a wonderful blog where she reviews peoples work and various products provided by different companies. Her blog link is She will be doing a review of my etsy shop in a few weeks. I am sending her a few of my products to review and provide feedback. Some of the items will be up for a giveaway. Right now one of the products that she is reviewing is a soda machine for making soda at home. This is cool. I have never even herd of one before. I am interested and a bit curious. The company provided one for her to give away via her blog. So go to the above link if you are interested. I will let you all know when she does the review for my shop. I am very excited!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding invitations!

I am super excited to be doing the invitations for my brother and soon-to-be-sister in law. I have been having fun experimenting with the style and feel of what they are looking for and I whipped up this one on mothers day on a whim.

I mailed a few mock-ups to her on Monday so that she can see them in person, and I left this one as a surprise. I was hoping that the package would get to her on Thursday but it took till Saturday to get there. I was so happy that she liked it! And I am very excited and privileged to be making the invitations for two very wonderful people! Its going to be fun!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Opportunity has nocked!

In March we had our family photos done (my husbands side of the family) by a local photographer named Aneesha Montez (she is based in Junction City, and traveled to may in-laws home to do our pictures.) Turns out the world is incredibly small as she is the sister in law to a woman I went to school with. We laughed about it while we waited on the stragglers to finish getting ready for the shoot. She did such a fabulous job and she was a blast to work with. It was allot of fun, and even my stick in the mud husband (he HATES having his picture taken) had a great time. That speaks allot about the photographer. (I always look awful in pictures) So I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful photographer.

But on to the knocking opportunity. Doing some copying and editing I used some pictures that Annesha took to make some very special necklace pendants for some wonderful new mommies. I was pleased at how the pendants turned out, but I wanted to make sure that it was OK with her that I used her images.

She loved them so much that she asked if I could make up a few more to put on display in her studio as an option for her customers. I was absolutely flabbergasted and floored at the offer! I have 4 pendants ready. One picture was giving me so much trouble, I tried it about 20 times before I could get it "right." I wanted them to be PERFECT. OK as close to perfect as I could get them. But I am so excited. I will be dropping them off with her next weekend, so here's hoping that this works out and that people like and enjoy these wearable pieces of art!

The one of the the legs I edited and added text as an option/idea for brides looking for a keepsake for the ladies in their bridal party. Of course I can edit the text to read other words. This is a totally new idea, I haven't even pitched to Annesha yet. Tell me what you think!