Monday, December 31, 2012

NO SEW Tree Skirt!

I realize this is late since Christmas has passed us this year, and I sure hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, but i find I fall behind on things then at random times decide to work on stuff. Must be the insomnia kicking in. LOL.So Its 10:53pm on new years eve 2012, and here is a simple and easy tree skirt for your Christmas tree. Keep this in mind for next year. Cause its easy!! And, common, who doesn't like easy??

1.5 yards of felt in color of choice (I used white since my tree has a general snowflake theme each year)
Felt tip marker
Salad plate
Ruler/Yard Stick (optional)
Round dinner table (Not required but it made cutting the circle so much easier!!)

Step 1:
Cut felt into a large circle. I used my dining room table as it is round to do this, cause for whatever reason I cant cut a round without a dotted line to follow. If you don't have a table to follow, fold the felt in half and cut a half circle. When you unfold the fabric you will have a full circle. (even following the edge of the table I still cant cut a circle!)

Step 2:
Using the salad plate eyeball the middle of the circle and trace around the plate with the felt tip pen. From the circle draw a straight line to the outside edge. You can use a yardstick or not, totally optional :-)

Step 3: Using your scissors cut along the marked lines removing the smaller circle.

Step 4: Drape around your tree and enjoy!

Now, normally I would put a picture of the skirt around my tree, and I did take a picture, but guess what, I cannot find it! Its maddening!

Anyways, You can add to it all you want, i think even sewing a ruffle around the edge would be cute, but that was more then I was going for. LOL
Hope you like!