Friday, February 22, 2013

If only men......

You ever had that thought "if only men......." then insert any feminine line you want?  "Had to wear heels" "had to deal with cramps" "had to deal with mensuration"  "give birth?" I don't think men could handle these things. Ok. It takes a special dude to deal with heels, and I only wear them on special occasions. It annoys me that women are still, allot of the time (though less so now then 30 years ago) are seen as the "WEAKER" sex. Are you freaking kidding me? Weaker? Weaker? Piss a woman off by using that line. Sure women may not be able to do certain strength intensive jobs (only a select few could pound a railroad spike like John Henry.) But if you cant do something the exact same way a man can then your seen as less. Drives me nuts. I have a daughter  she will be 4 soon. We have taught her to pee outside. So far that's the best camping thing we are able to teach her but eventually she will be able to shoot a rifle better then her daddy and bring home dinner. I probably will never tell her that she wont be able to do something. I want her to have every opportunity to reach for the stars, to develop and build her strengths to become the best person she can be. Anything is possible if we just work for it. So my point? I don't really have any. LOL. I have been feeling moody regarding the men-woman issue lately, I needed to vent. LOL. Found some great cartoons and quotes for your enjoyment.

This picture. Oh my!

And back labor feels ten times worse. I don't even know what normal labor feels like!

Who doesn't love Betty white?? And yeh, its so true!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

No pain no gain no loss

Ohy am I sore one today. Zumba class last night was awesome, but I didn't sleep well cause my leg was bugging me so bad, and being the stubborn bisnich that I am I didn't get up to take any Ibuprofen  Yup I am a stubborn one. I don't like to take medicines of any kind unless absolutely necessary (hence the prescription I take for my bipolar disorder ) I don't treat my body like a temple, I wanna have a life and common  who wants to be that static and uncompromising? Not me! I try to enjoy life to its fullest, cause if you don't, I swear you will have a dark grey cloud hanging over your head (Yes, it's like a movie or running commentary in my head, and sometimes it makes me laugh). So get up, get out, and shake off all the yuck in your life and for a single day, raise your face to the sunshine (or in Oregon's case, the UV lamp) and just BE.
Here are a few pieces I found through Pinterest :-) Enjoy!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The rough stuff

I have a friend who is going through probably the roughest patch I have seen anyone slog through. I wouldn't wish any of it on anybody, but she has done a tremendous job bearing up under all the weight on her shoulders. She is a true inspiration and superwoman. I have never gone through anything quite so tough, so the best thing I can do is be there for her :-) What are friends for? So if you know someone who is having it tough, just be a friend and be there for them. Its the easiest gift we can give another.