Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This year is my daughters third halloween. She was too young to really do anything the first two, but this year she has told me she wants to be a Bee, and that I am supposed to be a pirate. LOL. I may don the hat to make her happy, but I got to work on her costume. So twenty yards of tulle later this is what I came up with:

This is the finished dress. I had to re-do the lower line on it bacause I didnt like how it was looking. as i got further and further down the row it kept getting closer and closer  together. Trial and error is all I have to say. this is the first one i ever made like this, so it came out pretty good.
This is what the wings look like. When i ordered the wings they came with silver glitter on them so with the help of modge podge glue and some gold martha stewart glitter, the wings now match the "fufu" as my daughter calls it. She is going to be the prettyest bee out there!
And here she is. She is a bit obcessed with "poofys" as she calls them. I give this credit to her auntie Branny.