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Something in the pot...May 7, 2013
I am always doing something when I am home. Drives my husband bonkers that I cant sit still (Must mean my medication is working, right? LOL) Anyways, I saw the cutest little bag and decided I wanted to make one! So I went to town and found some vintage-esque fabrics and had some fun! I don't do a ton of sewing. I generally use materials in a non standard way, think outside the box. So this is what I ended up with.  I have it for sale at a local sale this weekend but if it doesn't sell there I will list it on Etsy and my Facebook page. I had alot of fun making it and plan on making more of them!

Treasurey time!

Some new treasuries I was included in! i hope you enjoy them! Each one is so different!

Somewhere over the rainbow! March 19, 2013

Who doesn't love a sunshine and mist apparition  LOL. A Rainbow!! I know I sure do. they may not last long in nature but this one is forever! I made this recently and I LOVE IT!! I am making myself one and I will be posting a picture of a friend modeling it for me :-)



Spring is Coming! Feb 27, 2013
I know spring is about to break though the door when my daffodils start to open, and I have allot of them that are ready to pop! I love all the seasons for different reasons, and I am now more appreciative of them now then when I was a kid. So please enjoy this treasury my tulip image was included in :-) Row 2 column 1

Here is another treasury I was included in. It consists of mainly black and white items and it has a wide variety of items. My item is Patriot: A black and white american flag image. One of my faves! Enjoy!

Included! Jan 28, 2013
Yay! One of my images was included in another treasury! This makes me so happy! Enjoy!

Treasuries! Jan 23, 2013
Oh I do love it when someone picks a piece I have worked hard on to be a part of their treasury! It makes me smile to know that someone enjoys my works! One of my digitally constructed images was picked to be apart of this treasury titled Sitting In A Winter Tree by Jente of Tiny Shelter (shes from the Netherlands!)
I am really diggin the Iphone case and the stoneware buttons in her treasury. You can check it out HERE!
Here is an image of the grouping as well :-) Go check out some great artists!
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Superheros Away! Jan 22, 2013
Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon doing what I affectionately call "dorking" out. In my house we are big superhero fans. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and of course, the Avengers. My daughter loves watching the cartoons with my husband and she peppers him with questions about the characters as they watch. Its rather adorable if you ask me. LOL. So yesterday I was making some special coffee cup cozy's  I have fallen in love with this style and its just something fun to "dress" up your to-go coffee cup with. We have a local coffee company called Dutch Bros. that does not use the cardboard sleeves that some companies use. I found this overly annoying since The cups were hot! But it makes sense for them as a company as it is one less thing or them to worry about and by not including them keeps the price of that Which Chocolate Mocha lower. My fingertips are oversensative to heat so I needed something to combat that. Well this is the result. The one I made for myself is made of red and white peppermint fabric with black lacing. The lining is a heat resistant laying much like you find in potholders. This is the end result.
Have respect! This photo belongs to Ravenfire Designs and unauthorized use is prohibited!

Have respect! This photo belongs to Ravenfire Designs and unauthorized use is prohibited!

I have also made some out of just regular pretty fabric which I love as well. I have a passion for color!

Have respect! This photo belongs to Ravenfire Designs and unauthorized use is prohibited!

Snack anyone? Jan 18, 2013
One of the things that drives me bonkers are plastic baggies. I am forever trying to recycle them and they tell you "no, just toss them they get caught in the machines at the recycling plant." Well I have been so fed up with putting them in the wrong spot that I am totally eliminating using them at all. I decided to make my own reusable water resistant snack baggies. (NOTHING is truly waterproof unless its a solid rubber, and even then its questionable.) Since I am going through my Re-fit (my choice to get healthy and exercise more) I decided to make treat sized baggies. Everything in moderation and all that right? LOL So here is the finished product. I have so many different fabrics that I just picked a few to start with. I will be making more! I love this little size. and I want to make bigger ones too :-)
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The Other Side Of Me Jan 13, 2013

One of the things you might not know about me other then I am a stay at home mom, is that I am a crafter. I LOVE making stuff!! I swear its genetic cause my mom is a quilter (we also had some painters in the family as well) and is always sewing something. She started off sewing by making us kids clothes (I have some horrendous memories of awful Easter dresses, Damn 90's! and I have pictures as proof!) She still makes clothes for the kids, but now if the grand-kids she sews for. I think the last thing she sewed for me specifically was a skirt for my sisters wedding back in 2005 (I was pudgy then too) She grumbles about sewing all the time, but i secretly think she would be lost if she wasn't able to do it anymore. LOL. Anyways, as a passion for crafting and doing things homemade, I branched out and started my own Etsy shop

I don't think there is anything that I am not willing to try. Some things I have tried and am just not successful at whether because I just cant do it or that my impatience gets the best of me (and boy am I an impatient one.) I am always working on new ideas and different things to keep my mind and hands engaged (There are only so many hours you can play with playdough!) So pop on over take a look tell me your thoughts! I am always looking for feedback! my email is!