Friday, May 10, 2013

The women we love

Mothers Day is in two days. I wont get to see my mamma as shes visiting my sister in California. I miss her. It sucks not being able to see her and it sucks that I have to remind my daughter that grandma isn't at her own house. She gets bummed. This mothers day is bitter sweet. We lost my aunt last night. OK we didn't loose her at all, we know exactly where she is at, sipping sangria's with my grandparents on a beach made of clouds. But her corporeal self is no longer part of this plane of existence  She was loved and will be missed. Cancer is a bitch. A nasty unforgiving hormonal bitch that needs to be slapped down into submission. So hug your mamma, aunt, sister, cousin, niece tight to you. Life is a fickle creature, and ends far to soon. Spread love not hate and may you be happy!

This was so true when I was younger. My mom and I would have massive fights about once every three months or so. I am bipolar and when I was a teenager it was hard. We had to have a blow up so we could move on, get it all out, and we were better for it. My mom helped me through so much.

Now that I have my own child. This is so flippen true!!

Yes it is.