Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yogurt Cubes!!

Now you read the title and your thinking "cool, she froze yogurt in an ice cube trey." While that's an interesting idea, the answer would be No. That is not what I did at all. My boys are yogurt fiends (They have been going through 20!!! 6oz containers a week) and I have ZERO desire to clean up a yogurt mess they would make if I let them feed it to themselves. And it takes a good chunk of time to feed them, as I would have to first feed one while the other yelled at me or feed them tandem which, when they have colds, just doesn't work. So while eyeballing the lovely freeze dried yogurt drops that I spend a small fortune on, I decided to do an experiment. And I think I have it nailed!

Here is what you need!
  • A bowl
  • A measuring cup
  • Whisk
  • Spatula
  • Gelatin (I used Knox brand, a friend over at The Paleo Homesteader recommends Great lakes Gelatin. You can purchase it at (Just click the link and it will whisk you there!) (There are lots of health benefits to gelatin.)
  • 2 six ounce cups of yogurt (I choose Tillamook yogurt. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I like the flavor of their yogurts above all the others I have tried. And we share a common home in the great state of Oregon.)
  • 5.3oz cup Greek yogurt (Again I chose Tillamook, in this demo I used vanilla. I have made it with other flavors and it works just the same)
  • Measuring spoons 1Tbsp, 1tsp and 1/4 tsp.
  • Half and half (milk will work as well)
  • 5x7 baking dish or similar sized dish.
  • Small ramekin to pour gelatin into (Pictured below)

(This recipe was a 6oz strawberry and Greek vanilla mix. I recently did a batch with both yogurts being marrionberry and its so good! When both types of yogurt are the same flavor, the flavor is stronger.)

Step 1) Measure out 1/4 cup of half and half and warm up in your microwave.

Step 2.) While the half and half is warming, pour three tablespoons of cold water into your bowl.

Step 3.) Each packet of Knox gelatin has about 2.20 Teaspoons worth of gelatin. The total amount you are going to need is one whole packet PLUS 1.25 tsp from a second packet. If you are using gelatin from a large container (like Great Lakes) you are going to need 1Tbsp PLUS 1/2 tsp (total). Measure out your gelatin into a separate small dish.

Step 4.) Sprinkle your gelatin into the water. It will get clumpy very fast so pay attention!

Step 5.)  Mix the gelatin into the warmed half and half and whisk it together so that it is smooth. You have to get all the lumps out of the gelatin!

Step 6.) Put both containers of yogurt into the bowl with your gelatin and whisk it all together till smooth.

Yogurt In the bowl.

Gelatin Mix going in!

Whisk it baby!

Step 7.) Once you have mixed the gelatin and yogurt together pour it into your 5x7 dish

Step 8: Place your dish in the refrigerator for a couple hours so that it really has a chance to firm up. You can speed up the process by using the freezer but there's a chance you will forget they are in there! I know I have!! Make sure you cover it with a lid, tin foil, or saran wrap. the edges will start to dry out over time.

Here's the end result!! An no judging. We are sitting on the floor in my kitchen eating these. LOL. My kids are not particular about locations to eat.
(Please not that this is with regular Milk based yogurt. I do not know if soy based, almond milk based or coconut milk based yogurts will work)


   Perfect for little fingers!!


Less mess? YES!