Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cupcake Stand!

Pinterest has become and addiction of mine. I call it Crafters Crack. There are so many ideas!! I think I would need a lifetime or two to get through all that I want to do! And where to start! Now that's a dilemma. Well I decided to make a cupcake stand. So seeing something similar on pinterest, the finished product, I wanted to make one. Unfortunately the link I choose didn't have a tutorial, so guess what? I decided to make the tutorial myself! So Getting my handy-dandy camera out, I photographed what I was doing step by step. So here it is! I really like the end result!

First things first, gather what you are going to need to complete the project. Many times I have started a project and not had enough stuff to finish it (just ask my husband) and had to put it on hold till later (I hate that).

Dinner plate & Salad Plate (The salad plate is about 3/4 the size of the dinner plate, they don't have to match but for me I wanted them to. I love hitting up second hand shops for things like this cause they are hella cheap!)
Two clear candle holders
Aleenes Platinum Bond Glass and Bead Adhesive
Loctite clear silicone sealant
Tounge Depressor
Paper towel
Marker (I use permanent, you wont be able to see the markings when you are done and they will eventually wash off.)

Step 1:
Wash and dry plates (a no brainer right?)

Step 2: Using your ruler make a big X on the backside of the plate. Don't make the X willy nilly. Actually take time and measure the distance of the bottom of the plate (Mine were 7in and 5 in.) and plop your dots right in the middle (mine were at 3.5 and 2.5) Do this on both plates.

Step 3: Now that you have the plates done up with their X's Use the glass and bead adhesive and apply it to the candle holders top.

Step 4: Take the candle holder and flip that bad boy over and align it over the center of the X on one of the plates. (the glass and bead adhesive needs to set for about 24 hours according to the directions, so find a place, out of the way, to let this sit. This adhesive is worth it cause its got HOLD)

Step 5: Use the tongue depressor (craft stick) or towel to wipe around the edge of the candle holder to clean up any squeezings (Ya know the stuff that comes out as you press two things together, makes me think of a smores. LOL)

Step 6: Once you have allowed the adhesive to set mark a dot in the center of the larger plate.
Step 7: By this point you should have two single stands. One small and one large. Take the smaller of the two and situate it so that the candle holder is up facing you. Apply adhesive around the rim of the candle holder base.  then center it over the dot and press down. You should have something that looks like this (only upside down)
Step 8: Allow it to sit undisturbed for another 24 hours for the adhesive to set.

Step 9: Once you have done this you can use the Loctite silicone sealant around the parts of the candle holders that actually touch the plate. (Wear gloves, this stuff is sticky and stinks. I use the waterproof sealant that way I can wash this without the adhesive getting all persnickety with me, and notice my individual finger glove I am using to smear it with? Yup that's a sandwich baggie.) Let the whole thing sit or another 24 hours so that it has time to dry.

Step 10: By this time it should be all done and ready to rock N roll! I used tomato's to demonstrate it. LOL. I didn't have any cupcakes on hand!