Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Something Found

Holy smokes!! I haven't been on here in ages! Shame on me! We have been doing lots of stuff around here from our elk hunting trip to roasting sugar pumpkins and Halloween! The last few weeks have been jam packed with all kinds of fun. I have also started my Christmas gifts and one of them is HUGE this year. But anyways onto the post!

So we had our elk hunting trip this year and 7 of us went. 6 adults and one child. It was allot of fun and the weather was at its absolute finest! There have been years when we have gone that it was freezing cold, raining and snowy. This year we had NONE of that. Not till the very last day and that was just fine by us. We went on walks and played Deer poop Bingo. Yes. That is a game I made for us to do while we were out and about. It was actually allot of fun, and my 4yr old daughter had a blast looking for things on the card. Since she cant read or spell yet, each item was a picture. Totally kid friendly. With a dry erase crayon in hand we did our best to check things off the card (this is also not part of the reason for the post, LOL.)
We did allot of walking on this trip.

Kept us from going stir crazy. And while we walked we had a bag with us and we picked up trash as we went. We all just marveled at the absolute carelessness of people. I understand that this land is way out there, where very few people venture except during certain times of the year, but common people! Pick up your trash! We had bags for the things that we were taking back down the mountain with us, and those items, plastic bottles, tin cans and what not were recycled. So why do people insist on just chucking stuff out their truck windows, or drop it on the ground as they walk?? Why? You packed it in, Pack it out! Anyways, we always took a bag with us on our walks (which generally consisted of us 4 ladies and the dog as our chaperon) and we made it a bit of a game to see who could spot trash as we walked. At one point we stopped at a pond up there

Evidence of goldfish in the pond.

(someone had put goldfish in it, we can only speculate as to why) and we found a bunch of .22 bullet casings from someone who was shooting their pistol/rifle for the fun of it. Again, not sure why they didn't police their brass, but it was a great find for me! So instead of tossing the brass into the bag with the other things we had collected, I pocketed them and brought them back to camp, and brought them home. Because sometimes someones trash is someone else's treasure. this is the case for me! We collected 32 casings and they will all be used! I will be placing items I have made with them up for sale in my shop. Finding and reusing things is actually quite fun. you just have to keep your eyes open! It's also been my thing to teach my daughter to leave places better then when we find them. And so far it has been a good lesson to follow, and because we all reinforce this lesson with her, its become and everyday thing.

This is the first pair I made using cream and pastel pink seed beads with feathers. I love how they turned out!!