Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another day

Lordy am I bushed and the day has hardly started! Darn kindle for keeping me up at night. LOL. I am a glutton for punishment. I can consume a single book in a day. I have a voracious appetite for reading (This could be the reason why I was voted Biggest Book Worm of my graduating high-school class.) I don't actually have a kindle but I have the kindle app on my tablet. It gets used the most. BUT I am trying to get to bed by 11pm. the last year its been 1am bedtimes and 7:30am wake-up calls. I have to change that, even if I only get to bed by midnight its better then 1am. LOL. and my daughter will be 4 soon, but her favorite way to start the day is to lay across me in bed and say "get up! get up!" i can hear the volley of groans from those of you with kids (Cause you know what I mean). The way I see it kids are the "most expensive form of entertainment" out there. You never know what they are gonna do or say and half the time it makes you wanna pull your hair (so this explains why I am going bald and I have grey hairs!) or laugh your ass of till tears run down your face. I love the fact that I come from a big family (the youngest child of 7) I think we exasperate my mother even now; but now I totally understand how she felt with us as kids around. I have to bite my tongue every time I mutter something that I remember my mother saying! Its astounding and maddening all rolled into one! Ahhhhhhh!!