Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The thing women loath!

Ok. So there are a few things that women just hate and the biggest one of them all is weight loss. Its the bane of our existence  Its so easy to put it on but to take it off?? Holy heck, you'll work yourself, or starve yourself, to reach that goal. This year I am determined to follow through with my plan. I am creating an exercise plan for myself for AT HOME. I neither have the time, energy or the finances to drive to a gym, pay for a gym membership, or arrange for a babysitter. Why waste the extra energy, time or money when I could devote it to a simple plan I can do at home and do with my daughter around? I find that its actually GOOD for kids to see their parents do things like cooking, cleaning (My daughter loves to help me, though ask her to pick up her play-dough and we have battle royale!) and exercising. It gives them a good role model to look at and sets them up to make better decisions as they get older. I firmly believe in this. Monkey see monkey do!

Since I hit puberty I have always been "Big." Doctors classify me as "obese" though that is a loose term for anyone we see as "fat" which is also another loose term. Quite frankly I know I am heavy and I don't need the reminder, its just depressing. BUT I really do need the reminder. I may be healthy, for the most part, now, but who knows what the future may bring? I am 30 years old, My daughter is nearing her 4th birthday and I really DON'T want to deal with the medical crap that has the potential to affect me as I get older. We have history of Diabetes  heart disease and a slew of other maladies in my family. As of now I have three things that affect me. Bipolar disorder  Osteo-Arthritis in my lumbar and I am overweight. Starting today this is going to be a chronicle of my weight loss journey. I am not going to be doing stuff like Jenny Craig or nutri-system or any of those fads, I am simply going to Eat like I normally do (though I may increase my fruit and veggie consumption) and exercise. That's it! I have a wonderful friend who is keeping a blog about her weight loss journey and we are working on getting fit together. Its so nice to have someone to commiserate with. LOL. Anyways, here is her blog link. Right now she is recovering from surgery so shes not exercising with me yet, but she will be soon :-) We are zumba buddies too. Here's her link!

So On with the show. One of the things I have taken time to do is create a chart to keep track of my measurements. Sometimes we don't see a whole lot of change on the scale but by keeping track of our measurements we can really see where we are working it. The other thing I had to do was buy a scale...Yup I didn't have one. So that was accomplished today. You can save this measurement chart to your computer and print it off on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Week 1 for me was just doing my measurement and getting all my stuff together so that when week 2 starts I am ready to roll. I will be posting recipes and things that I have found, and work for me, that may be of some use to you. If my pudgy butt can do this so can you (whether you are pudgy or not.)

Look for the next post where I go over the different exercised I am using and how to do them properly. I actually had to look some of them up cause I didn't know their exercise techno names. Weird, Right?