Monday, December 9, 2013

Something to try

So I am always up for providing opinions and adding my thoughts to this and that. A friend over on Facebook suggested I head over and get involved with this website  I was like OK, sure why not see what its all off i went, (not really since it was via computer) and checked out the sight. Turns out its a survey and opinion site. Well I have signed up with those before and wasn't entirely sure I wanted to try another. I get tired filling out prelim surveys that then tell you you don't qualify for the survey that the site just sent you. Sometimes taking 20 minutes at a time, which when you don't qualify for the actual survey is allot of wasted time, with noting in return. So as i am checking out this site, I come to find its not like the other survey sites. They actually set up campaigns where they send product out to be tested! I just filled out the needed info and then they send you emails about various campaigns that is most likely to fit with you. i just got the kit for my first campaign and i am really happy with it! We got Cottonelle flushed wipes!! I have a 4 year old and toilet paper doesn't always cut it for various reasons, so having wet wipes on hand is always a good thing. We typically get baby wipes from Costco, but you cant flush them and living in a house with 60+ year old pipes, its not a risk we wanna take. So far we like them, and the website is set up and easy to navigate. So check out the site and see if its something that fits with you. So far I don't have any complaints, and believe me, I would tell you if I did!