Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Comparing my Crackers!

So my last post had to do with ingredients in a pretty basic item: Pie crust, so this is a continuation on that theme except with two almost identical items. I went grocery shopping yesterday and I got two boxes of crackers. Same brand and maker, same price. I weighed out a serving from each and its pretty spot on at 1oz. Now the thing that gets me is that the basic ingredient list for both the cracker should have been nearly the same, One had brown rice and the other didn't. so here are two images, one from each box of crackers. The brown rice crackers are really yummy, so yummy in fact I just finished off the box. The other box is decent; the flavor so so.
Box A

Box B 
Can anyone see the difference in these lists? I am quite happy that they actually used a spice as a colorant in both of these crackers, but seriously.....4 additional synthetic colorants....... (in box b) yeh my head hurts thinking about it. I also wonder what some of those "flavor enhancers" are. I mean the first box was damn tasty without having the additional crap the second box has.I know I wont be buying the box B after this and will be sticking with the first one. Same brand, same maker, huge difference! Now lets examine those MYSTERIOUS ingredients.

Hydolyzed Corn protein: The closest information I could find is Hydolyzed Corn Gluten that has applications from human and animal food consumption to being used as an herbicide! If anyone finds more information specifically on Hydolyzed corn protein, please post a link in the comments. Much appreciated!
Disodium Inosinate: "The disodium salt of inosinic acid that is used to enhance flavor, usually in potato chips. It is found in pigs and fish."
Disodium Guantlate: "If a food contains disodium guanylate, it most likely contains MSG in some amount, even if monosodium glutamate is not listed on the label." Well This is interesting!! I learned something new!
Red 40: Synthetic dye derived from petroleum. (no thanks folks!)
Yellow 5Coloring agent (aka tetrazine and E102) banned in some European countries. May cause allergic reactions
Blue 1: A synthetic dye derived from Coal Tar (ummm....I used a medical gel from coal tar on my eczema.....but something from it in my food.....EWWW)
Maltodextrin: Used as a thickener or filler. They use it to bulk foods up without adding any nutritional value... (in other words, avoid)
Malic Acid: a type of acid found in many food, most notably unripe fruit. "this acid is produced in the human body as part of the citric acid cycle." (ever had a war head candy?? This is the stuff that gives you that raw feeling your tongue gets when you eat super sour things. I had this reaction while eating the crackers this was included in. my mouth felt raw.)

Yes I bought the crackers so I am eating them. I wont throw my money away (per say) but I also wont be purchasing them again. Box B is on my banned list. Even though I realize I am only one person, I just hope people who take the time to read my blog will take a deeper look at what they are putting into their grocery carts. Before I had my daughter I didn't give a rats patooty. But now that I have a child, and want to have another one someday, I am really examining things to make better choices and to keep my family healthy.