Monday, April 8, 2013

Collecting my marbles

So my daughter, bless her little heart, has been a nasty lil thing of late so I had to come up with a way to curtail her bad behavior and make it positive. A friend of mine started implementing this with her own daughter (same age as mine, 4) and has seen some great success. The Marble Jar! Everytime my girl does something good. Like doing what she is told without arguing, then she earns a marble. For me I have three different sizes of marbles, none are HUGE, they are just varying sizes of small marbles. For the basic everyday kind of stuff, she gets a small one. She is in charge of making sure the cat dish stays full, and when she fills it, she earns a medium marble. She has been having some #2 potty issues, so when she has success at that or has a dry pull-up when she gets up in the morning then she earns the largest of the 3 sized marbles. So far so good!! 11 small, 2 med and 1 large has been earned since SATURDAY!! She knows that bad behavior gets a marble taken away, so that kind of behavior has not been seen as much the last few days!
I picked the smallest of the jam jars I had which is about 2 inches tall. Once she fills it up all the way then she gets to go and buy the LaLaLoopsy doll she has been begging me for. So far so good! I am so grateful for this marble idea. My husband doesn't like the idea but in my mind, she earns the marble for the "work" she does like we earn money for the jobs we go to, and do, everyday. My logic is undeniable. Resistance is futile. (Yup I am a geek!)