Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Swiffer pad up-cycle 2!

So yesterday I posted the first tutorial for these. Well this morning I got to work and made the second one. Its edges are "finished" and looks nicer then my "quick and dirty" one from yesterday. I'm not picky myself but I know some people are :-)

This time I used the blue washcloth as it was larger and since I am turning it inside out I wanted to have enough fabric for this purpose.

Make sure to read the first tutorial as I skip a few sets in this one, cause why be redundant??

1.) Trim off the surged edge of the washcloth. Because we will be turning it, this will cut some of the bulk off the edge and it will be easier to get under your presser foot.

2.) Fold in half and cut along fold (you need to do it for this one.)

3.) Cut batting slightly smaller then the size of your washcloth. This will also reduce bulkiness when you turn it right side out.

4.) Measure and cut your elastic (same way as in the tutorial I Previously posted.)

5.) Layer your pad in this order:

Fold back the top two layers and line up your elastic and then pin in place.

6.) Off to the sewing machine! Sew around three of the edges. leaving one of the short sides open so you can turn this right side out!

7.) Reach your hand in, grasp the other edge and turn that bad boy right sides out!

8.) So you still have that open edge? Yup! Fold IN the edge and pin in place. (this is the ugly part of this pad.) you can go two ways at this point. You can hand stitch it using that really great invisible closing stitch (this will get rid of the "ugliness" factor) or use your machine. I went ahead and just top stitched it with my sewing machine.

9.) Trim any loose pieces of thread and TADA!! all done! The difference between this one and the one I posted yesterday is that it has finished edges. The one from yesterday has raw edges. So have fun making these! I love things that are functional, useful and can save me money. No more having to spend $10 a box on swiffer pads! When I mop I go through at least 2-3 pads each time, and there only one sided! Now I have two double sided pads! SAWEET!