Saturday, April 23, 2011

Captivity: Oregon Zoo

Today we had a fun and eventful day. We went to the Oregon Zoo. OK. So maybe Morgan is a bit young for it, but she had some enjoyable moments. She found the hairy pigs to be the most entertaining telling us "piggy sleep." It was so adorable to hear her say it!
And sure enough since it was nice and sunny out all of the animals were enjoying a lazy day. I loved these hairy pigs too. So adorable. One of the other places that we enjoyed is the Laurakeet Landing where you can hold cups full of nectar for the birds to drink. My husband had three of them on one arm, and my daughter enjoyed watching daddy and the "birdys." They were very sweet animals and very accustomed to people and screaming children. Granted Justin was just a tad nervous.
Notice the look on his face: PRICELESS! I was even graced by one of these feathered creatures as well. They  were very inquisitive.

We also had two cases of "wardrobe malfunction" on Morgans part. We had just gotten to the zoo and daddy got her out of the car, she was soaked. The car seat was soaked everything was soaked. Luckily I had brought a spare pair of pants. And about halfway through the zoo daddy felt something warm, on his side. Sure enough cause of him carrying her she missed the diaper and soaked her second pair of pants. So she got bundled in her blanket while mommy fanned her pants to get them to dry.            
She hardly noticed, and since it was sunny she wasn't terribly cold. We kept her as bundled as we could. We saw allot of great things and I don't want to boar you with more hot air, so I will mention this one last thing. While in the Pacific northwest exhibits we were able to see the cougar. Such a gorgeous creature. She was, however more interested in the bear that was shimmying down one of the trees in the exhibit across from her. The look on her face says "hunter." I couldn't have asked for a better shot of this magnificent creature! And she wanted to go and eat that bear. Woo, even though there was steel mesh between us and her, people were very spooked by her. Morgan, Justin and I just enjoyed watching her.

So all in all we had a great time and even got out of there before the traffic got bad. I think I said the lords prayer, or the parts of it I know till we got past Salem. There is some crazy drivers up in Portland. WOW.