Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This mornings adventure

So this morning was interesting. Morgan got me up at 6am, plus it didn't help that the cats were harassing me too. But thetas not the adventurous part of my morning. I left the dogs locked up till about 7, least they see a cat and go bonkers like they normally do when they spot one. I go out to let them loose, forgot the keys, come back inside only to realize, WTF! My keys are in the garage, LOCKED in the garage. OK, Well what next? I start rifling the drawer looking for any key to try, guess what, no key. This is SUPER annoying cause on Sunday I just had this conversation with my husband that we needed spare keys. He swore we had some. My response was yes, we have one for the house, not the garage. He still SWORE we had one. Guess what, NOT A SPARE ONE IN THE HOUSE. So what does a smart industrious woman like myself do? (Yes I am smart and industrious, this is not a lie, and yes I am preening.) I begin looking at the two garage windows. Nope not a chance, I could have broken one but what then? OK, toss that idea aside. I begin looking at the door. No help there, cant shoulder it open anymore since my husband fixed it so that I couldn't. Can you see this has happened about once a year for the last 4 years? So I start thinking. Power tools! Uhhhhhh, we don't have any in the house. WHO doesn't have at least one power tool IN the house? Apparently us. I should be so ashamed. Oh but I am not. Woo Hoo! My Drimel! Yes, my handy-dandy drimel! I switched out for a cutting wheel and went to work on the door. I sliced a square big enough for my hand, then used the drill bit to make holes along the cuts and then used a standard screwdriver and a hammer to get the piece out. SUCCESS! My dogs can now go to the bathroom. I feel so accomplished. But OH SHIT. Now I have a hole in the garage door. Great, My husband is gonna be THRILLED.


Heather said...

Good job for getting out the dogs, but ouch for the door.

Rachel said...

I will say that before I had morgan I would have gone a bit bonkers and just broken the window or cut a bigger section out. But since Morgan I took my time in analysing the situation and made the smallest possible hole. My hand barely fits through it.