Friday, April 15, 2011

Treasury in Etsy!

The last 24 hours for my etsy shop has been crazy! Not for sales, still working on those, but for treasuries! I have had 4 of my images selected for treasuries! This is so wonderful I cant even begin to think! So In order from first to last (over the last 24 hours) here are the treasuries for your enjoyment.

The Curator who put this treasury together doesn't have a shop on etsy, but she has made some great treasuries. Here is a link to her etsy profile. My image is in column 2 row 3.
This is a great treasury that was inspired by "the joys of childhood." This wonderful Curator included my post cards. Column3 row 2. In her Etsy shop she has a wonderful offering of jewelry and handbags!
This treasury was put together with other "fine art flowers." I feel privileged to have been included in her treasury. She selected my Dance collection. Column 3 row 3. Her shop has wonderful paintings, jewelry ans stationary items. A link to her shop is below.

 This treasury was put together highlighting "Beautiful bold spring colors." The curator of this treasury WildWoolFarm did a great job selecting lots of bright and vibrant colors! She selected one of my Daisy images. Column 3 row 2. Her shop has a variety of wool items. Here is a link to her Etsy shop:

Thank you to all of you for selecting my images for your treasuries! I feel very privileged to be included.