Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am part of a local Etsy team and one of the members had a wonderful idea: Promos! OK so I sat here scratching my head going "what could I do?" OK, beads were a given since I have a few stored here and there, so I made some promos with my business card and a fancier bead or two spacer beads. But I was at a loss as to what to do to promote my art images. I was so stumped there. Then I remembered (pretend a light bulb went on) Ah-ha! I have some 4x6 images that I had printed up to get and idea of what the final image would look like. Well while going through my pictures I found the wallet sized ones I had printed up to make a memory match game for Morgan. I hadn't made all of them into the game so I used the remainder for my promos! It worked out so beautifully! I am very happy with the promos that I have made. These will be mailed to other members of the team so that they can include a little something in the packages they send out to their customers. I cant thank the ladies of the local Corvallis Etsy Team enough for being so helpful and wonderful! Here are a few images of my "work" surface (this means the kitchen since Morgan is blocked from my work room now.)

Getting ready to put my business cards and the wallet sized promo images together. I actually enjoy doing the extra work to promote my etsy shop.
Now all I need to do is get off my rump and get the magnets on the car. Maybe after we go to the zoo tomorrow.

This counter looks worse most days. I am constantly doing work on it, and not of the cooking variety. And we always have coffee in the pot. I cant survive without my coffee each day.                                      

Here is the finished product! I made a good amount so that if anyone else asked for some they would be ready to rock and roll!